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Exciting News! Angela Singleton Photography has partnered with Capitol Women’s Care OB/GYN in Howard County. I have been a patient with this office for almost 10 years and I love the staff and doctors. It is a great honor to be able to give gift certificates to the new patients during their first visit. We also had an opportunity to put up some artwork at the office and can not want for you to see our displays. I can not wait to meet you and your baby bump.

Capitol Women’s Care has a very nice and inviting welcoming area and you feel right at home as soon as you come off of the elevator.

Capital Women


During your first OB visit you will get a change to see one of the displays of a maternity client that matches the gift certificate.



What better place to display canvases for patients to look at pretty images of babies during their monitoring appointment.



Here is a sneak peak of the gift certificates for patients to enjoy.


Capitol Women’s Care | 7625 Maple Lawn Blvd | Fulton, MD 20759 | (410) 531-7557 

This sweet newborn girl was such a pleasure to photograph! Ava has three bigger sisters that she will be able to look up too. Getting to see how they interacted with Ava before going to their soccer practice showed how much she is loved. She was an absolute angel during her session. I barely heard a peep out of her and she quickly settled into each pose. She had the cutest lips and sweetest cheeks! I love the macro detail shots that I capture at each session. Thank you so much for letting me snuggle with your little one! Here are a few favorite from our time together.

baby girl newborn wrapped up in Baltimore Maryland

newborn baby girlsweet baby lips



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Sugar has become the source of many serious health problems in the US because of the over consumption of it.  As a society, our foods have become drenched with sugar and as a result, many people are suffering from sugar addictions without knowing it.  If you are aware of your sugar addiction and are ready to kick it, try these ideas;

Break the Sugar Addiction

1. Replace your thoughts, replace your habits.

Find foods that are delicious and desirable to you but that are sugar free.  Then when you find yourself thinking about ice cream or a candy bar, switch your thoughts to this other desirable treat.

2.  Snack often.

Keep a healthy and yummy snack nearby that can feed your cravings.  Being hungry can amplify your desire to have sugar.   Nuts and other protein rich foods are great snacks that are filling too.

3.  Don’t use a sugar substitute.

By consuming a sugar substitute, your body is still being satisfied with a sweet.  To break this craving, you have to stay away from it for a period of time and replace it with something non-sweet.

4.  Allow yourself time.

You didn’t get addicted to sugar overnight, so don’t expect your cravings to go away that quickly.  However, giving yourself a good 60 days of new eating habits, and you will find your body will crave your new diet.